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(29/8/18) Revamping my site and a little about me

So, after a year of trying to revamp my site and leaving the whole thing broken, I have finally decided to redo everything from scratch. I think my first version of this site was also left broken, oof.

Anyway I guess I will talk about myself for a bit. I’m a 20 year old gril who lives in the northern part of England. I’m interested in boring computer stuff, as well as drawing cartoon stuff. I also adore birds such as pigeons, doves and quails and wish to own a pigeon as a pet sometime in the future.

I currently use a Dell Optiplex 760 (running antiX GNU/Linux 17.1 with an Intel Pentium E5300 and a AMD Radeon HD 7470, basically your usual Optiplex you would find on eBay), and I use a Huion H58L for drawing and use Krita as my main drawing program. My current drawing tablet is okay but the rechargeable pen for it drains when you’re not using it so I usually have to leave it to charge for a few minutes before I can use it for the day, and I just wish to replace it with a Wacom tablet since my Thinkpad and my Note use a Wacom tablet and their pens are compatible with each other, and then I won’t be using a battery powered pen and most Wacom tablets from what I know can be used as oversized touchpads.

My mobile phone is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X (64GB 4GB Snapdragon 625 variant) that I only really use as my “laying in bed and scrolling through websites” device. I installed OmniROM on it and used to have MicroG on it so I could play Pokemon GO on it without having to install Google Play Services, but unfortunately Google changed how DroidGuard works so SafetyNet on MicroG doesn’t work anymore at the time of writing this.

My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (P600) running an unofficial build of Resurrection Remix Nougat. I only really use this as a doodling device and a streaming device. I would love to get Debian up and running on this through chroot using Linux Deploy so I could get more use out of this tablet, but the few times I’ve tried I’ve never gotten it to successfully install.

And my 2 laptops which currently aren’t working but would like to get up and running are a Lenovo Thinkpad X60t and a Apple Powerbook G4 (A1095). I actually broke the Thinkpad by not paying careful attention when installing Libreboot on it. I had flashed Libreboot without checking if the screen inside worked which ended up with me having a Tablet-Laptop without a working screen. I could’ve made things a lot easier for myself by just leaving it and buying a compatible screen online, but unfortunately in a panic I flashed the backed up factory BIOS, which was an absolutely terrible idea as it bricked the BIOS. I’ve left it to one side since there’s some nasty stripped screws that won’t let me free the motherboard. If I can get these screws out in the future, I’ll be buying one of those USB SOIC8 clip and board things off of eBay to stick Libreboot back on it and then later buying a compatible screen. I want to post pictures or a video of me using it as a halftop. :P

And for my Powerbook, all I’m really waiting for is the power supply for it to arrive. I plan on installing NetBSD on it and use it as my web surfer, word processor and possibly play Teeworlds on it.

This page was last updated 29th of August 2018

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